Selamat Hari Raya 2015! Johor! Sarawak!

As Salam everyone! I just manage to squeeze in a bit of writing and wishing today. I will of course try my best to update my Raya journey in Sarawak sometime in the near future *promise*. This Raya the theme was dark red because mommy choose to go with Fashionvalet Jovian Mandagie 2014 outfit. I found out that last year outfits are priced way lower than the latest trend *duh!* So, who cares!!

Mr Bob seems pretty happy this morning

Pose discussion
This raya was seemingly lonely because my sissy had her first raya in Banting and my aunt had her raya in Shah Alam. But not a problem, my mama and ayah is still my bucuk2 sayang and my reason of being in JB.

Adik and Kakak with Nenma and Tok Ayah

Our family!

Adik nak duit raya nenma

Kakak with out salam2 pass duit raya tradition :)

Team RED!
After we had our salam2 raya, we went to my grandmom house in Stulang Laut JB. It has been long since I visited my grandmom and she look really good for an 80 year old right? So, guys please stay tune for my updates Raya in Sarawak and Brunei ok.

With my grandmom and her husband


lia ummiirfan said…
dear farah, cantiknya baju u dear.. nice photos.. :))