Dinoscovery @ Avenue K

Hai hai everyone!!

It has been roughly about 2 weeks of fasting in Ramadhan. Farissa journey for this year has been quite smooth *alhamdullilah*, she has not missed day of fasting. Hurray!

Since last weekend, is the only weekend that Mr. Bob will be around for ramadhan that he decided to bring the family to Avenue K. We didn't do much shopping as apparently as everyone already has their outfit for Raya. We went there because of Modvier (fashion house) was there and I've wanted to just scout around. Looking for nothing in particular.

To our pleasant surprise, the top floor of Avenue K there is a dinosaur centre which is known as Dinoscovery! Farissa was so exited she almost dragged all of us into the centre without paying the entrance fee. Hehe. We paid almost RM 100 for our family. Well, I personally thought it was a tad high but looking at the activities, it was worth it.

Farissa with her new Roller Shoes

Once entered, you will be given a map, a magnetic card and jacket to take in the overall adventure feel. The kids will plenty of time to explore and get to know their dinosaurs. They will need to stick their stickers onto the map where they discovered the dinosaur. If they successfully complete the map, they will get a certificate. However, Ruzain slept through the whole experience.

Farissa had successfully climbed up the whole wall.
There are also FAQ, interactive games, shooting the mosquitoes, volcano balls and dino rides for the kids to jump on. Below is Farissa challenging an ostrich dinosaur in a race to see who is faster. It is truly fun to watch. No mommy will not join the race due to short of breath. :p

On your mark, get set, go!
Lastly, everyone got the chance to take photo on a dinosaur! So, if you're thinking of spending some time with the kids and not minding to spend some cash, why not drop by here too. :)


Iela Fazielah said…
MENARIKS...aritu msk kat avanue K xnampak lak tempat ni...kat belah mana tu