Picknik Publika for Iftar 2015

Oh my. Its been ages since I last wrote in. Time does not permit during this Ramadhan to share more things with you guys. Mr. Bob been busy which means I've been busy with the kids. *sigh* I wish to write more and more insyallah after Syawal. At least I will try my best to! :) Haha.

Anyway, every Ramadhan our family (mom's side) in KL always had one iftar together. We make a point to have it at least one each year. So this year, instead of having it in at my cousin's house, we had our iftar in Picknik Publika. My uncle made a booking for the family last weekend. Similarly like other restaurants, during Ramadhan Picknik serves buffet which cost us RM 58nett per adult and RM28nett per child. Well, you could easily googled Picknik to see what they are offering but my favorite would be the Sup Tulang and Grilled Beef. *yummy*

Although, I kinda feel the spread was kind of limited and they do not refill their dishes. But hey, we don't to waste now do we. So, if you are around the area have a try ok.

Our beautiful family with Chef Nik and his dad

Spacious seating

Ruzain and his Nane

Everyone has more than 3rd round of glorious food and the teh tarik!! Just fantastik!!

Kids playing ceper.. :) But the ceper is not in the photo.. Haha!