Absolute Thai Alamanda Iftar Review

Alhamdullilah, we had overcome 3 weeks of Ramadhan 2015. Farissa was absolutely ecstatic that we will soon be going back to Johor and Sarawak. Yup this year we will be celebrating on both side. So double celebration. Heh.

I had also start packing our luggage, one for Johor and another for Sarawak. Man, I wish a have a maid to do these things. Anyway, I am writing today not just to share my burden of packing up these bags but to also share my thoughts on having iftar at Absolute Thai Alamanda. I've once made a call to Absolute Thai IOI City Mall but the PIC on the phone keep insisting that we arrived at 6.30pm although I had already mentioned that my daughter will only be arriving home at 6.10pm so, we really have to rush to meet the deadline.

"No Mam, if you do not arrive here by 6.30pm your reservation will be void." Its like saying - hey no need to make a reservation anyways, because your reservation will be given to someone else. Duh. So, with a heavy heart, I canceled that reservation.

Two days after that insiden, I thought of trying another branch of Absolute Thai in Alamanda. Well, good thing I did. The PIC never once mentioned on the time that I should arrive although he did advice me that iftar will be around 7.20pm so it is better to arrive earlier. Haaaa, much better and professional don't you think so?

Upon arriving we were ushered in the restaurant and was greeted by friendly waiter. Without looking at the price (be warned that it is a tad expensive than other thai restaurants), I've ordered Steamed Siakap in Soya Sauce, Pandan Chicken, Tom Yum *recommeded, Kang Kung Belacan, Udang Goreng Ikan Masin, and some steam white rice. Oh my, everything tasted Absolutely Terrific!! They will warm up your soups and fish 5 minutes prior to Iftar which makes everything tasted much more warm and delicious. Guaranteed.

The price tag I thought matches well with the ambiance, service and great food. So, if you are having that craving for something thai, try out the new Absolute Thai in Alamanda.

Reservation could be made here: 03-88616673.

Yeay! Warm them up for Iftar!

A must order

Stim Siakap with Soya Sauce

I've wanted to order more that actually did..

Pandan Chicken on the side.. Not spicy at all and kids will love it!