Raya 2014 Visiting ~ Jalan in Johor

Ok ok.. I know.. There are too many Hari Raya parts in my my blog. But you see I wanted to share ALL my Raya photos with you guys because I care. ;) Our first raya will be our most eventful Raya which means we will go visiting a few houses before calling it a day. 

So, since Farissa and Ruzain's great grandmom is still alive and well. We are to pay a visit. She was in Mecca the last couple of weeks and was here only on the first day of Raya. After lunch, the lots of us changed into our next Raya outfit and move out 'convoyed' together to Stulang Laut where my grandmom lives. 

We always make a point to also stopped by my babysitter's house for the best Johor Laksa. Yes, she's the one who looked after me and my siblings till highschool. I even called her Mak. 

Me and Hana on our way out

 The kids and I wear matchy2 minty green for Raya.
This is my Mak's house with pinky walls.

... and this is us at my grandmom's house wearing matchy2 lavender..

Another gown by itsnanalahraya2014.. 
Awesome rite?

So, basically this is our 4th generation.
My grandmom, my mom, myself and Farissa.
4 strong headed A. Karim's family..

Guys, how is your raya?
Come on.. share with me also. :)