First Syawal! Selamat Hari Raya ~ Sharing My Familia Pics

Salam everyone! 

Its been a week of Syawal. We in Malaysia had celebrated our Raya with happiness surrounded with family while our muslim's brothers and sisters in Gaza, celebrated Syawal with misery and sadness. Let us all pray that the war will be over soon and that they are given the strength to rebuilt their lives and cities ~ insyallah.

My family and I had returned back to my hometown in Johore and celebrated Raya from my side of the family. We did plan to return back to Sarawak on the 4th day of Raya but to our dismay our little boy was unwell and we were not able to proceed with our travels *Ruzain was sick even prior to Syawal*. Anyway, we make the best of it and again plan to be in Sarawak at the end of this year insyallah.

So, as a tradition, I would like to share our photo ops during the first day of Raya 2014. Our theme was royal blue and I add in a hint of red to give my outfit some color blocking effects. Ruzain was really fussing and it was absolutely impossible to take a decent family photo!

The best we could do is this last picture here.
Although the back lighting was a slightly disrupting the whole picture.
Yup, I look darker than I really should. Boohoo!

Got myself some fantabulous photo with my man.
I look smokin' in this outfit.. wakaka *puji diri sendiri* lariiiiik!!
No seriously, I just love this baju so much!

Ok then, followed by other family members photos.

Salam bersalaman... 
The kids was having fun, collected big angpow from their grandparents.

Ruzain is trying to give his Tok Ayah the duit raya back. 
Oh no!!

Daddy's little girl.


Ok the last bit, twas my turn to give Angpow to Ayah and Mama. :)

Love you daddy!!