Lost Time at Home~

Aaaaaaaah...... At last, a break after a long tired hassled work has finally comes to an end... Phew! I must admit that last week was challenging for me but I had overcome and conquered! Yea haaaw!! Learnt a lot too something I did not know until was assigned to take up and owed up.. *Alhamdullilah* I am surrounded by such committed team as well.. :)

Something to look forward to this week.. Spending more time with my kids! Yippie.. Farissa and Ruzain has always been my top priority in life but last week was indeed a hectic time for me. Mr. Bob was hired as the honorable house husband and been really good about it. Love you Papa! He makes sure the laundry was done, school uniforms are iron (via dobi), little tummies are filled (via open houses), plants are watered, school shoes are scrubbed and whiten..

That is why ladies and gentleman, I can't wait to get to my normal routines *although washing and cleaning is entitled* :)

My little garden after sprinkled time
I can't wait to get back to my desert making self - trifle in a cup with cookies on top!
My little busyuk2 on a Sunday morning with breakfast
Baked Penne for lunch! Yummey!


Iela Fazielah said…
cantik sudut gardening farah... ila punyer hancus dah.... suami suka sidai mcm2 bj dia atas kerusi... dgn basikal anak kat situ..rimas rasa.. tp yg kat dinding tu bekas bunga oren tu mmg cantik.... mcm nak bl gak la...hihi...
beli2... skrang byk yg warna putih.. oren dah tadek.. :D