Traders Hotel & Orchard Road

Malaysia's currency being smaller than it is from Singapore, makes it harder for us to book a cheaper and yet comfortable hotel in Orchard Road. With the extra points that we had from Agoda, we booked Traders Hotel, Cuscaden Road at about MYR 350 per night which I thought was ok. The rooms are small but comfortable enough for our small family. All of their staff are friendly and kids accommodating which earns extra points from me. :)

After the aquarium, we went back to our hotel, rested and get refreshed before our night outing. Farissa at that time were absolutely hungry. Poor girl. I told her not to take anything from the mini fridge, because of the crazy price tags. Dinner was supposed to be at ION shopping mall. There are a few HALAL restaurants there but I told Mr. Bob that I reaaally wanted rice. So, Indobox it is.

Here you can see, Farissa is frustrated with the 'slow' service.
Kakak dah lapo laa...

We ordered - Ayam Bakar, Kang Kung Goreng Belacan and Sotong Bakar..
Verdict? It was awesome. Especially the chicken..
Total Damage: Approx. 60 Dollars.

Then, we set foot outside of the Shopping Mall..
Here the beautiful displays of light were exciting.. Especially for the little ones...

You can even walk inside this tree!!

The lights were moving about.. so the kids show us their moves too.. :)

Well, overall it was absolutely fun..
A different experience and yet something we could look for in the future..
My next entry will cover more adventures!!
So stay tune.. :D

 This is Mr. Bobby showing that it is time to go back to the hotel!! Hahaha..