Picnic @ Cyberjaya Park

I had promised the kiddos to bring them for a picnic. Last weekend, we had an opportunity to do just that!
I've made the simplest breakfast which consists of nuggets, sausages and sandwiches. Grab 2 small thermos and shake up milo. The weather was extremely nice and by 8.30am we were out!

In Cyberpark, there is a huge playground. Farissa was super excited to get her limbs on that playground. I set up a nice little picnic area on a nearby bench. While the kids played. Mommy ate rather serenely all by herself. Definitely need to get out like this more often. :)

Papa showed little Ruzain around the pond..
The little dude was ecstatic!

Oh yes, sissy found a new friend..
Playing the seesaw together..
How nice... :)


babYpose said…
Salam, nice place and beautiful kids you have.
thank you so much dear!