River Safari Singapore - Malaysian Mommy Review (Day 2)

Since the hotel does not come with breakfast, we scout around Tamlin Mall (which is connected to the hotel) for something to eat. Lo and behold there was PAUL. I was cautious at first but the server showed me a sign that PAUL does not serve lard, pork and alcohol. So, it was good to go. *Tanpa was was ok*

We had some western but it was quite pricey. Farissa chocolate waffle cost us around SGD7.50. Please don't try to convert that. ;) 

Ruzain was bored just waiting for his meal.

The overall food was ok.
Because I am still a bit of unsure. I leave out the chicken bacon aside.
Yang lain I bedal saje.

Tummy's are full so we checked out from the hotel.
The process takes only minutes. 
So, bye bye Traders until we meet again.

That day target was to spend the whole day at the NEW River Safari
As I had done many times, the tickets are all bought online.
Price are just the same if you were to buy them at the ticket counter.
But I hate to line up, especially with small children.
Parking was ample *twas a 2 multilevel parking*.
Got elevator some more.....

The weather was absolutely horrible. It was hot and humid.
I was literally sweating like a pig.
Thankfully, Ruzain was asleep and Farissa was quite cooperative that morning.
She wanted to pose everywhere.

*Here is the little modelling gegirl*

We went straight to the entrance and was let inside.
There was a Panda mascot but the line was brutal and Farissa doesn't want to wait.
So, we turn left into the Amazon Flooded Forest.

Here it shows just how tall the tree really is in the forest.

A giant otter in sight.

There are some untouchable stingrays here.

And adorable manatees aka DUGONG.

We just love the underwater view.
For me, it was breathtakingly beautiful ok.
The little one is still sleeping though. *phew*

You can also find Piranhas and Electric eels at the Amazon Flooded Forest!

Some amazing Facts: In Japan, they showcase a Christmas tree being light up by these eels.

Ok, next stop!! Squirrel Monkey Forest.
Man it was difficult to take a picture of these guys.
They are so damn fast - mind my language.

Once, we had passed the Squirrel Monkey Forest.
It was already halfway through the Safari.
We were quite unlucky as the ride of Amazon River was fully occupied. Boo Hoo.
So, we stop buy an ice cream stand and grab 3 ice creams for each one of us.

Giant Panda exhibit was next!
Aaaaaaah Ruzain is awake.
I am so exited as this would be my first time ever to really admire this animal first hand.
Ruzain was quite in the mood. Scratching, whining.

Hi adek.. Comel la adek ni.. Nak tgk Panda tak Kai kai ngan Jia jia?
I felt sorry for the keeper. Repeating for the visitors to be quiet.
They were not listening. There were many children and controlling them will be to no avail.

The air conditioned exhibit was quite welcoming as the air outside was hot.

Red Pandas.
Ruzain was quite fascinated by these little ones.

The giant panda was not cooperating.
Only showing his cute big butt. Hehehe.

A photo first!!

Oh, I did grab a few souvenirs to bring home.
The price for a small frame was about SGD 26.
Since, I did not bought anything from Singapore.
It would be an excellent souvenir for keepsake.

Have you guys been to the Mekong River?
We have. The exhibit of course.
The aquarium here was huge and of course meeting the international standard.
I never new catfish can be such giants!!!
It was so educational.

The longest river on earth was next.
Sure twas the Nile River.
Here there was a huge display of a crocodile with a funny nose.
Farissa doesn't even want to stand close to it.

The children look tired right.
And we all were.

The Deepest River of the World is the Congo River.
We had to wait for a bit.
As there a quite a number of people queuing up here.

The fishes here are somewhat small but colorful.

Ruzain was showing mama his favorite long nose fish.

The Texas River.
You can see some extraordinary beavers here.
By this time, we were so tired that we had decided not to wait and view these creatures.
People were crowded in to see these animals.
I was definitely not keen to be pushed around!

Ok folks! Thats the end of the day.
It is because the queue for KFC or any other HALAL food restaurants were so fulled.
I told Mr. Bob to just buy snacks and have our lunch in Johor (where there will be ample HALAL restaurants and cheaper food).
I bought the kids biscuits and chips and we went straight back to Johore!! Yippie!!

tips: if you have only the access card.. make sure you pay at the parking near the zoo entrance!..