S.E.A Aquarium - Malaysian Mommy Review (Day 1)

Ayoo... So many cobwebs hanging around by blog already aahh... Hehehe.. I've been busy entertaining Farissa with her first day of primary one. That is another story. Today, let's have 'a bit' of chat about SEA Aquarium Resort World Singapore. My let me tell you, twas fantastic.

The only mistake was to go during the boxing day, school holiday + public holiday. People were jammed pack! Would I say we enjoyed it? Yup, most definitely. Although that did not stop me from thinking of choking those queue cutters. Cekik!!!

We chose to drive in Singapore, with WAZE it was totally easy peasy. The line up from Johore was not that bad but towards. Mati!! Hehe. We parked the car near the Hard Rock Hotel and walked up straight to the hotel lobby.
Kids posing upfront Festive Hotel

We had to use some escalators and walk towards the USS
The SEA Aquarium is just around the corner

Cool escalators design!!

We are excited to be here.
Last time we were here, Farissa was only 3.
Alhamdullilah we got the chance to visit again.

As some of you may know, finding HALAL status food is difficult.
We know one restaurant Malaysian Street Food but there were so many people, it was almost impossible to find seats.
So, we took the 2nd best option to have our lunch at Starbucks. No HALAL cert but the cashier told us that the ingredients are from HALAL cert vendors. We ordered choc chip giant cookies and tuna sandwiches.

How much is the damage for lunch?
 I would say around 30 dollars++.

Tummies filled and kids are super happy.
We make a move on towards the Aquarium.
There are actually so much to see and do *posing around the arena* :p
We stopped by Candyland!!

Ok.. We are here!!!!
Since, I had bought the tickets online.
We save time by proceeding towards the entrance and get our printed tickets scanned.
Along the main entrance, there are many displays about 'the SEA life'
Here we took the chance of capturing more photos.
The kids are not really appreciating the displays though twas very educational. :)

Just look at the people lining up before entering the Aquarium.
The queue was just so long.

We are still queuing here.
And there are many more behind us.
I really don't understand but there are so many queue cutters here.
Especially older Chinese people which really started to tick me off! And they cut lines in groups. :(

Ok enough bout them.
Here I asked My hubby to stand in front of an information on Angler fish.
I though it is quite interesting as the male will be stuck onto its mate til death.. :D

Papa.... So would you? He said that he would. Haha!

A whale shark display!!
Just wonderfully beautiful.

Silver fish.

Ruzain taking the chance of getting to know some of the sea creatures.

The dolphins exhibits!
The kids really2 love those mammals!

Pink Jelly's just like those in Spongebob! :D

Ok the grand show Aquarium is this gigantic view of the life in the sea.
It was breathtaking.
We spend almost an hour here just to observe.
Farissa and Ruzain both just love it.

Sea Urchin.

Colourful Corals.

The experience was just so relaxing.
You guys can scroll down to see more pictures of our experience.
Would I go again?
Most definitely, when it is not during the school holidays. :)

A fish that could walk on land!!

Glass flooring which was so bizarre.
The kids had trouble walking on it.  


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besar2 ikan dia.. bestnyer!
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