May 28, 2013

Little Swimmers Precinct 6

Lately ni, kerap sgt kite dgr kes2 kanak2 mati lemas kan? Kat paper, kat tv, rasa cam sedih sgt.. Yelah bdak2 ni mmg suke main air.. kalo bawak hotel ke ape.. mesti nak main poolnyer.. tul x? Tp sometimes, we as parents lalai utk betul2 monitor anak2...

Assume yg derang bleh jek berdiri pas jatuh ke.. tp yg kite tak tau.. walaupun air tuh cetak.. biler bdak2 ni terjatuh dah start cemas.. derang dah x bley berdiri.. terus leh lemas tau.. :(

So, masa last pi lepak2 hotel kat PD.. mama perasan anak mama yg sorang ni takut air.. pakai pelampung pun takut.. terus buat mama plak cuak biler dia kat dlm pool.. I dulu mmg sorang swimmer.. adik beradik I semua pi training swimming.. semua involve kat dlm competition.. walaupun x sehebat mana.. wkakaka (dah semput nak wat camne kan?)

Baru2 ni.. mama ajak kawan opis mama utk masukkan anak2 kami ni ke kelas renang with personal traininer.. kirenyer nak 2 to one la ni.. tak ramai so cikgu bley fokus.. Baru 2 kelas, *alhamdullilah* Farissa ngan Icha bley jeks terjun ke dlm adult pool with no prob (terjun jeks la kan) nak built in water confidence.. :)

Mesti mummy2 semua nk tau bayaran dia bape kan? for 6 classes we all bayar 600 (rm 300 each).. berbaloi? tak berbaloi? Utk I, yang penting anak kite ada skill terbaru.. berani... duit mmg bley carik.. tp kebolehan utk berenang.. menyelamatkan diri? *priceless* Nak tau lebih lanjut bley access ke link ini: Jom Renang

Precinct 6 - Kolam Renang
Tak ramai org, tp panas!

Kat belakang tuh, trainer bdak2 ni.. Ms. Nurul..
very nice trainer for the kids...

Dari sudut hujung.. kat sini tabley nampak ape2 pun dari sini.. wakakaka... 
kat ujung nun kelas dia...

 eh.. kakak dah hilang kat dlm air..
dah pandai blow bubbles dah...
tp tangan masih pegang kat tepi ye...

pandai la kakak ni..
very confident...

Overall, mmg byk improvement...
Farissa mmg suke kelas ni..
tak tau la sebab kawan ke..
sebab leh main air.. :)

May 23, 2013

My Freshly Painted Staircase *SIGH* Finally

Yeah yeah.. I know.. I owe you guys lots more pictures than this.. There still so much to be done, but there is no time to do it at all!! Double CRAP!!

My lil bro finally got the final urges to complete this painting job before his vacation plan to Pulau Perhentian..  Yeah!! Big clap for his efforts... Really like a pro.. he painted the staircase smooth and clean with Nippon Easy Wash Paint.. Boy.. the paint was expensive.. but I am thinking in the long run.. kids (and 'big kids') -- yes Hana, you are one of them... swipe their little hands and feet on the walls.. no worries.. just wipe it off with wet cloth.. Yippie!!

The color for this was is NIPPON SAPLING MATTE FINISH EASY WASH - RM98 per tin and you need 2 tins for staircases.. YIKES!! botak lah camni... Amacam?? Ngancam x? hihihi.. More pics coming up your way (once I complete the framing of photos)...

Oh yes... I'm a H.U.G.E advocate when it comes to using cushions..
Use many cushions on your sofas..
It brings up the character of your homes and I believe that it will make your home more homey?
Does that make any sense? :p

Oh btw, additional photos of lil Ruzain scooting around the living area..

How time flies... :)

May 22, 2013

The Apple Tree Cyberjaya Review

Weird name for a Thai Restaurant but the food @ the apple tree was anything but weird... The owner of this restaurant is an ex MMU Staff, Ms. Fatima (originated from Thailand).. I had previously attended her Tom Yam cooking class but I have to be honest with you, I was there only for the food.. *shucks*

We were there just to try out the new menu, and see if there were anything aside from Tom Yam that we like..  

a glimpse of the front page of the menu..

scouring the menu..

The overall decorations of the restaurant was delightful..
I can see that the owner really wanted to infuse Thai look and feel here...

This restaurant is jammed pack on Friday... 

 Ooppps unrelated Thai decor? tsskk tskkk...

ahaaaaaa!!! at long last.. my menu... my... its so mouthwatering...
the food is reasonably priced...
Tom Yam is a MUST cuisine here..
At the end of the meal, we were each given a caramel as dessert..

Overall, because of the taste, environment and price, I'll give The Apple Tree Restaurant 3 stars!! yeay!!

May 20, 2013

The Man of My Dreams

Today I am going to write something sappy, sad, romantic and full gear on emotions.. So, if you are NOT interested in this kind of writing - STOP READING HERE! 

This morning, I received a very sad sad news of a colleague whom had just lost her husband.. He is the same as his usual self and just as suddenly he died.. Which added a whole new level of sadness as their little boy is just 2 months apart from Ruzain.. and their eldest is a year older than Farissa.. truly sad..

Suddenly, I was thinking, "what would I do if this happens to me?" "will I survive?" "will I get over it someday" "will my kids remember their papa?" A thought that could make me definitely shed tears..

Flash back

I've met Mr. Bob during my study days in 2000. He was a senior and I was a junior each from different faculties.. I am from IT and he was from Engineering..
I remembered clearly that it was raining that night and he wore a green jacket.. I saw him few times before and got quite interested in getting to know him..

So that day I set my mind to introduced myself..

It took a lot of guts to approach him.. I asked for his name and number.. Called him that night and ask for a date.. and that was it.. :p hahahaha...

We were together ever since... Of course la there are many up and downs and breakups.. But jodoh di tangan Allah.. and we found each other.. fell in love each time after a fight.. Warrgghahahaha..

Meet my manly man... hahaha..
He is so fantastic in mathematics.. he was my math tutor back then...

Senang cakap la...
dah mmg suke muke ala2 chinese look..
dpt la org keturunan chinese.. 

What ever it is... he makes me very happy...
Cuma skrang ni ada ala2 garang sket..
Ye lah.. dah nama suami..
kene la ada firmness gaks.. :p

Mr. Bob is one great papa for my kids..
they loooove him to bits...
and he looooves them back too...

I hope that GOD loan him to us as long as HE allows it to be..
I always pray that we will be married again one day in Jannah...

(New Pics) Farissa Birthday Bash.. :) The Garden Cafe Alamanda!

Saje nk share with fellow mommies gambar2 terbaru.. :) Albuk anak kawen birthhday party baru dpt kan.. so nk menunjuk share la... :p

Tade plan nk buat pun al-kisah dia.. just nk jemput closest family members jeks.. tp apakan daya.. ramai immedia family x dpt pi.. so jemput la family kawan2 Farissa... dpt gaks meriahkan majlis..

Menu order yg simple2 jeks..
dah ala2 minum petangkan..
tadelah food yg berat2.. 

ayah ngah main belon ngan ruzain..
mama ngah tgh sibuk organizing..

Malas nk beli goody bag for the kids..
so beli coloring plastic as activity..
so bley bawak balik biler dah abis majlis..

geng bola Ruzain... 
si bam bam putih melepak.. harraz...

haaaa ni favorite part lil pricess I ni..
yup.. suke sgt pakai2 crown ni...

Cake cutting ceremony..
cake halus.. tp dpt share pukul rata semua dpt sorang sket..
kalo x dpt sori ek..
tak perasan..

alamak... nape muke I camtuh!!!

sayang kakak!!!!!

Then ada sessi tiup2 bubbles kat luar..

The kids really have fun!!!

Overall... just love the setting for the party...
simple and nice..
the staffs were sooooo amazing...
kuddos to THE GARDEN CAFE ALAMANDA staffs!!
We were truly taken care off..

May 17, 2013

Toy's R Us Members Clearance!!

Suke 3x mmg suke aktiviti cuci2 mata kat clearance sale.. :) Biler skodeng website shopping n sales, terserempak la plaks ngan iklan Toy's R Us nih.. hik hik.. ape lg... papa balik dr outstation kat taiping jeks trus ajak papa pi menjenguks sale ni...

Tpkan... biler sampai kat area clearance sane.. sale dia takdelah sebest mane pun... Sale dia potongan lingkungan 20% dan 30% tp overall tetap mahal gaks... sob 3x.. Kesian kakak.. dah siap2 rembat barbie pun kene reject ngan mama... huhuhu...

Sblum kluar dari clearance tuh.. mama sempat la belek2 kasut2 Stride yg tgh buat sale.. kasut2 nih kalo tanpe sale adalah dlm range rege RM149++.. time sale ni kalo amik 2 dpt potongan 60%.. ape lg... amiklah dua.. satu utk kakak.. satu utk adik... puas ati sgt...

Socks plak RM 29.90 utk 9 pasang hokay.. mmg berbaloi sgt.. :)

Amacam... cun x???

Belikan adik...sepasang yg besa sket.. so leh pakai sampai lepas raya..

ni personal choice kakak...
kakak ni mmg ala2 vogue sket...
so, for me.. toys tade ape sgt.. kalo bab benda2 yg pakai ni..
mmg berbaloi2.. hihihihi
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