My Freshly Painted Staircase *SIGH* Finally

Yeah yeah.. I know.. I owe you guys lots more pictures than this.. There still so much to be done, but there is no time to do it at all!! Double CRAP!!

My lil bro finally got the final urges to complete this painting job before his vacation plan to Pulau Perhentian..  Yeah!! Big clap for his efforts... Really like a pro.. he painted the staircase smooth and clean with Nippon Easy Wash Paint.. Boy.. the paint was expensive.. but I am thinking in the long run.. kids (and 'big kids') -- yes Hana, you are one of them... swipe their little hands and feet on the walls.. no worries.. just wipe it off with wet cloth.. Yippie!!

The color for this was is NIPPON SAPLING MATTE FINISH EASY WASH - RM98 per tin and you need 2 tins for staircases.. YIKES!! botak lah camni... Amacam?? Ngancam x? hihihi.. More pics coming up your way (once I complete the framing of photos)...

Oh yes... I'm a H.U.G.E advocate when it comes to using cushions..
Use many cushions on your sofas..
It brings up the character of your homes and I believe that it will make your home more homey?
Does that make any sense? :p

Oh btw, additional photos of lil Ruzain scooting around the living area..

How time flies... :)


Iela Fazielah said…
Smart...serious warna yg tenang....u cat whole arena tangga ea... Ilah aritu cat separuh je