2 Trolleys, 1 Stoller, 1 Kid and a Baby

Total mayhem crazyness!! More shopping to be done.. What more to buy? Indeed there is soooo much more!! I never do something halfway... :D

Last weekend, we spend the shortest time possible at IKEA to do MORE shopping.. How is it possible? With such a short time but many items to get... Well, I've tried and download the IKEA apps on my tab and it helps.. BIG time.. 

How the apps helps me to manage:

1. I open up one browser to establish the items that I want. Just type in any items, example: iron in the IKEA website search box and all of the 'iron' related items will be listed down. 
2. Find the series name and type in the IKEA apps
3. After you found the items just add it in your shopping list
4. This list will mapped into the nearest IKEA store near you, in this case Damansara IKEA
5. If the items available, the numbers will be shown in the apps and its location within the store
6. After you listed all the items you planned to purchased in your shopping list, the total amount that you needed to pay is then calculated.

FANTASTIC! I am able to come up with a list and just grab and logged into my shopping trolley.

Easy 1-2-3! What are you waiting for.. try and download the apps.. What bout my design story? It will be for another day.. :)


Iela Fazielah said…
wah...!!!! xsabar nak tgk hasilnyer