The Man of My Dreams

Today I am going to write something sappy, sad, romantic and full gear on emotions.. So, if you are NOT interested in this kind of writing - STOP READING HERE! 

This morning, I received a very sad sad news of a colleague whom had just lost her husband.. He is the same as his usual self and just as suddenly he died.. Which added a whole new level of sadness as their little boy is just 2 months apart from Ruzain.. and their eldest is a year older than Farissa.. truly sad..

Suddenly, I was thinking, "what would I do if this happens to me?" "will I survive?" "will I get over it someday" "will my kids remember their papa?" A thought that could make me definitely shed tears..

Flash back

I've met Mr. Bob during my study days in 2000. He was a senior and I was a junior each from different faculties.. I am from IT and he was from Engineering..
I remembered clearly that it was raining that night and he wore a green jacket.. I saw him few times before and got quite interested in getting to know him..

So that day I set my mind to introduced myself..

It took a lot of guts to approach him.. I asked for his name and number.. Called him that night and ask for a date.. and that was it.. :p hahahaha...

We were together ever since... Of course la there are many up and downs and breakups.. But jodoh di tangan Allah.. and we found each other.. fell in love each time after a fight.. Warrgghahahaha..

Meet my manly man... hahaha..
He is so fantastic in mathematics.. he was my math tutor back then...

Senang cakap la...
dah mmg suke muke ala2 chinese look..
dpt la org keturunan chinese.. 

What ever it is... he makes me very happy...
Cuma skrang ni ada ala2 garang sket..
Ye lah.. dah nama suami..
kene la ada firmness gaks.. :p

Mr. Bob is one great papa for my kids..
they loooove him to bits...
and he looooves them back too...

I hope that GOD loan him to us as long as HE allows it to be..
I always pray that we will be married again one day in Jannah...


You got guts girl. ANd your gut feeling is goooooood.
Iela Fazielah said…
owh..salam takziah utk kwn farah.. ila dgn husband selalu bincang if something happen to us... serius..mmg kami bincang.. husband ila selalu sebut n remind.. thats yg byk benda dia suruh ila buat snediri n selesaikan problem sendiri kalau xboleh br dia tlg.. sbb dia ckp kalau jd ape..ila tau..bunyi kejam itu hakikat... our home,cars, n ect... kami dah prepare awal2 letak nama...n now dlm proses nak daftar kat amanah raya....kwn opis ila pun sama kehilangan suami mcm kwn farah last year..n.. byk kepayahan lepas husband meninggal lebih2 bab hutang dan aset... do something utk anak2.. protect them 1st..kita insyaallah can survice..

n u r sooo daring ngorat mr bob..haha.. moga hubungan uolls kekal abadi