Happy 6th Birthday Princess!!!

Alhamdullilah ada rezeki lebih.. At the very last minute, I plan birthday Farissa yang ke-6.. 
Ajak pun tak ramai.. only my sister available (mama, ayah, adik2 semua kat JB) and Farissa closes cousins and friends..

The turn up was great and Farissa was really surprised!! Seriously x plan nak buat.. But really glad I did it...

Theme was... you guessed it!! PINK!!

Surprise Darling!! Muke surprise tak?

Turning 6.. ramai yg nk tiup candle nih..

Time ni adik tgk tido kat stroller... 
So adek tadek dlm gambo..

Ooops.. pengantin lama... hahahahha...

To all yang dtg... tq.. :) 
Sorry the short notice but you guys are the bomb!

Nih gambo my little baby boy in pink.. :D

Harraz "Ruzain.. are you ok? Do you need a hug??"

Best fren nih... hikhik..
Cam sisters..

Thank you http://www.pixiegraphy.com/ for the memorable shots!!
Next.. Ruzain birthday plak hokaaaay...


Nuha Ariana said…
Hepi besday farissa..seronoknye die ade surprised party....buat kt mane ni?
buat kat the garden alamanda.. :) very nice place
Umi Aida said…
happy birthday farissa!
Iela Fazielah said…
serius..nice n happening..hapy bday farissa
fhatiah sariaat said…
Ur welcome! Next time no problem :D
thanks aunties for the kind wishes.. :)