Oh Please... Sweet Chat Again?

Yup yup yup.. last weekend we had a short outing with papa.. Papa really had to work on Saturday and mama insisted to go somewhere instead of just lying around in the house..

Where to go? We had our lunch at Wang Solo Bangi and had the most delicious lunch ever.. Farissa's favorite is the crispy fried chicken (only while it is hot ya...) Then, the nearest place to 'lepak2' is the mines..
So we went there for just the sake of going.. sheeeeesh!!

Nothing to buy or something like.. no money to spend on anything.. pay day is one week stretch away.. so we had a pit stop at Sweet Chat.. :D

Farissa "mama.. kakak lapo laaa..."
ayooo kakak.. baru makan tghr dah lapo??

adek is blissfully sleeping.. 
he was defintely cranky at Wang Solo..
mama had to persuade him to stop crying while he is there..

scones anyone?
Price at RM5.90 a plate.. 
it is soooo good to have them while still hot...


Iela Fazielah said…
harga dia ok ye.. boleh cuba nnt