My School Reunion~ Tiara Beach Resort~

We really had a blast! Last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet up with all my ex-school-geng-mates when I was in Form 4 & 5.. Previously I was in an all girls school and having these girls in my life was the greatest!! Re-kindling with them was really meaningful for me.. Makes me remember of all the good memories that I  had with them during school years.. *15 years ago!!*

There are more prefects than civilian in this group.. ahaks.. I am one of the none prefects..

The venue of choice: Tiara Beach Resort
Date: 29th April 2013
Activity: Telematch

While waiting for the others, we spend some time playing with the artificial man made beach...

Aww shucks.. Ruzain's first sand beach experience...

What is this papa.. this weird white thingy on the floor?

My little baby... Tape.. lain kali kite main lagik k...

Then the mommies arrived!!
Yippie.. let's the game begin...
Forgive my choice of wardrobe.. Pagi tuh..semua tak mandi lagik.. hahahaha..
Mana taknyer plan nak lari2.. pastuh nk mandi2 swimming pool..

Ok first game.. Find sweets beneath the sand..
I told the ladies.. my girl is the oldest..
of course laaa.. she is going to win.. hahahah..

Just look at Farissa on the go!!

Oh yess... Ruzain is snugly sleeping in the carrier.. 
So is unaware of the havoc surroundings..

Let's count the sweets..
and you guessed it... Farissa is the lead!!

My lilttle girl have a new friend..
a very handsome Adam..

While waiting for the next game to commence..
The kids playing nicely together..

While the mommies happily gossiping away!! hahaha..
See the lady in yellow.. Yeah she is my next deskmate.. :)

The second game was sand bowling?
We take turns trying to turn over the mineral bottles..
Farissa scored higher than her mama and papa.. hahahaha...

The last game was the tedious..
trying to squeeze water out into the mineral bottle..

Hence. Farissa's demonstration..

By the last game.. Ruzain has awaken..
Trying his best to kick the ball and join the fun!

Let's end this post with a few snap shot of Aila Superboy Ahmad..
Ahhhhhh.. you are so handsome la kid!! :D

Until next gathering!


kimi said…
sexy la yg pakai suar polkadot merah tu hehe :P