Kiraku Cyberjaya

I had a sister sister outing last week and it was fantastic!! I decided to take one annual leave to chill out and relieve the work stress that I had :( So, I've waited till Hana finishes her doctor's and we went straight to lunch.. Where? We decided to try some Japanese in Cyberjaya called Kiraku.

Before entering in, of course the HALAL question came out. No HALAL certificate as they do serve alcohol but ensured us that the chicken and ingredient used to cook the meals are Halal.

Ok... We set our feet into a well designed restaurant with really nice ambiance.. Well I definitely liked it. :) Sat down somewhere near the entry way but the natural lighting of the restaurant was good.

The opposite side of the restaurant.. :)

We can even see the chefs do some of his 'ninja' prep..

for opening... some salad.. (which I wouldnt touch of course..)
hate salad for some reason.. :p

my sis ordered some tenpan chicken which was really awesome..

and we had this bebeh..
softshelled sushi...
super bombastic.. delicious..

for me??
couldn't eat anything raw...
so I had this... tempura set..
which was ok I guess..
it's full of veges and less seafood...

buuuuuurp~~~~ alhamdullilah...


This is non halal rest...thanks
they have no Halal certificate... that is true as they do serve alcohol..