Please Don't Judge Me!

"There is no such thing a bad mom and a good mom. It doesn't mean that you are a bad mom simply by giving your baby formula milk, its not nescafe! and it doesn't mean that you are a great mom simply by giving your baby breast milk up to 5 years!" How I longed to hear these words.. and this morning a good friend utter these words of comfort to me.. thanks dear.. you are the first that didn't judge..

It's been hard as it is.. hubby has left for outstation for a month.. and confinement is really been though for someone who loves activities, projects, work... hope this confinement period will eventually finish soon enough!! hate it.. I feel well.. loose good amount of weight... just that I really missed sleep! huhu.. 


Umi Aida said…
sabar fara.. setiap org lain2 dugaan dia.. yg penting baby sihat.. and mummy kembali bertenaga ok..
Iela Fazielah said…
betul tu farah..yg penting u sihat, baby pun sihat... n fakta xberi anak susu ibu tu bermakna xbagus tu lansung xbetul... setiap org kemampuan badan lain2... jgn u kat rmh sendiri or kat JB??