Crazy Online Shopping!

Nothing to do during confinement period? One thing that helps me being sane is to online shop! hihi.. Well, all the things I shop, I need..

My sis wedding is coming up in 2 weeks time and I have nothing to wear. :) Spend some time browsing through and bag myself a fine looking dress. The plan was for Mr. Bob and Farissa to wear their Hari Raya costumes during the nikah and me in this green dress. Ruzain will wear a simple green shirt with pants which I bought from Poney. All in green. What do you guys think?

A beautiful shawl and a new pair of shoes will complete this look..

Then, since short of 3 weeks Ruzain will be sent to his nanny house, I need to prepare a few items for his nanny. For this purpose, I visit onebabyworld.

I bag this cute looking towel. Who says boys can't rock pink. :p

Bought 2 of these, one for mama's car and the other for papa's car.

Oh, we have an ear thermometer but since Ruzain's ears are still too tiny, I bought this just in case.

Soothers? If nanny needs them.

A spare brush for the nanny's house. Cute huh?

Well back to my online shopping! Da!


Iela Fazielah said…
Dok rmh nak wat pe lg kan....harus shopping...mcm ila dulu...tiap2 hari ada brg smpai rmh... Xkeluar pun duit dlm bank leh licin kan... Happy shopping dear:-)