Rayyan, Raya and KFry Experience

I really wanted to share with you guys on our recent escape to the island of Maldives. I just don't really have the time to do write it all down. Pleaaaase... please pray for me to get into the mood of writing on our recent travels. Insyallah!

To kick off my writing blog mood, I decided to write on Rayyan's recent progress and development. Hoyaa hoyaaa.. He is currently 8 month old. Crawling all over the house. He has 2 new baby teeth. Loves to have baby conversation with his mommy, papa and siblings. He is in the jive of eating solids and for now, I think pear puree is his favorite.

We had to babyproof all the sharp corners and crooks with soft bumper. Purchase them through lazada and they works amazing! He already have the courage to climb over the first step of our staircase which is a very dangerous thing. huhu.

Rayyan on Mommy's flab tummy
Eating the corners of the wall.. hahaha

Look mommy.. I'll catch abg and kakak soon...

Oh yes, and after all the hype of Kfry we (Mr. Bob and I)  finally tasted Kfry! The verdict? Its not to our taste.. Don't get me wrong, both the staffs and ambiance are great but we would much prefer something like Absolute thai.

Guess we're not into Kpop after all. Hehehe! Jangan kecam saya...

Well here is what we ordered...

Kfry Urban Korean

My partner in crime.. aka Mr. Bob

This is the ever famous spicy chicken.. well its spicy alright.. hahaha.. I could only eat 1..

This barbican ocean soda.. is good.. would definitely order this again..
Oh yes.. last but not least.. we went to my cousin's baby kenduri aqiqah.. and here are the snapshot!

Mommy and baby boo

From his look... he doesn't like pink.. haha

Mommy.. come take me outta here! XOXO..