Uncle Mozart Wedding in Limbang

Salam everyone,

It's been 2 weeks after our trip to Brunei and Limbang for Mr. Bob's brother wedding. Initially I was not planning to go as we felt that Rayyan was too small to take the 6 hours journey from KL to Limbang. In the end, I felt too excited to be left out. So, Mr. Bob bought a pair of tickets for me and Rayyan.. yay!

The trip was quite uneventful. Rayyan for most part behave ever so nicely on flight. No he did not sleep so we had to held him standing up most of the time. Well as long he did not scream his lungs out it was fine. Ruzain slept for most part and Farissa had her bag full of activity tools (colored pen and a journal) to keep her busy.

We arrived on time and was picked up by Mr. Bob's youngest brother. We had KFC which was awesome at around 4pm. However, managed to only get to Limbang at around 9pm as granddaddy's hilux was not allowed to go through Brunei in which he had to turn around and leave the car at the Miri house. Poor him!

Nikah Day

It was on Mr. Bob's birthday which was on Friday. So, easy to remember's uncle Mozart's anniversary. Hehe. It was around 9am at Jais in Limbang plaza. A cozy event with 2 pairs of pengantin getting ready to be wed. With only 1 lafaz, they were husband and wife! Congrats you two!

Auntie Magrate and kakak

The bride and groom
Berinai Night

It is where the bride and groom put on henna on their hands. Here in Sarawak, the elders will use 7 colors of liquid chalk on the bride and groom hands and forehead. I am not sure what it symbolizes though. Then, they smeared a small amount of henna on the palm of the couple's hands as well.

Grandmummy putting henna on the bride and groom's hand


This is with Tok Haji (tok is for great grandmother ya)

This was on Saturday. Farissa was the flower girl on that day. Mommy was the camerawoman. Not sure I did a fantastic job or not but I think it is ok. :)

The event starts at 10am which kind of different from us in Semenanjung and ends at around 1pm (quite short really). Anyway, it was a nice event attended by many family and friends. The food was also good. There were sweet and sour fish, chicken rendang (i think), mix veges and fruits.

They have arrive!

Tepung tawar session with grandmummy

The lovely couple!

Us with the newly weds

The kids with their Tok Tuan!