Rayyan Eczema Struggles

I must say both of my elder kids have not come across of having seriously bad dry skin. Although I myself do sometimes gets it (if I spend the whole day and night in an air conditioned room). That is why I prefer using dove moisturizer body wash which helped improved my dry skin tremendously.

Rayyan on the other hand, have been experiencing dry skin just recently. He scratches a lot especially on this forehead which I dread since baby finger nails is usually quite sharp although cut short.

He doesn't really seemed bothered with his scratches. It looks painful to me though. So at the moment we have a bit of ritual of moisturizing his skin and filing his nails. For now the flaring of the skin seemed to be in control although staying at the sitters when a bit warm will turn his skin red again.

Our pediatrician gave us Ceradan body wash, Ceradan body lotion and hydrocortisone (if flaring and only on the body). At home I would sometime use Sebamed body wash and Buds save my skin lotion. Please pray for Rayyan speedy recovery of a much healthier and supple skin ok. Insyallah.. Amin..

My baby boo

Still all smiles with flares on the skin

Merah muka dia kan?

Still mummy heart throb..