Plants Nursery in Dengkil~ New Courtyard Greens

If you are anywhere in Cyberjaya and looking into visiting a plant nursery, you may want to give this nursery a try in Dengkil. From Cyberjaya, just drive through Dengkil town, you couldn't miss it on the right. Haha! Sorry I couldn't be more helpful as I do not know the exact address of the nursery. 

Anyway, you will be able to see this beautiful blooms right in front of it. :)

Mr. Bob asked me to take a photo.. sheesh talk about insta hubby
I found most of the plants sold here are much cheaper in comparison with the nursery that we like to go in Seri Kembangan. Although, the varieties are much lesser. My initial target was to find some for the courtyard. Most of my plant there are dead, thanks to Ruzain who'd just love to water the plants needlessly everyday. *mommy cry here*

Thought of buying this, then Mr. Bob just stop me.. Enough with the giant plant ma.. huhu

One of this tempurungs vase will cost you about RM70.. not sure if it is cheap or not

I really like this one though

This will also be good in my garden.. up front.. hehehe.. next month insyallah..
Taddaaaa!!! So this would be the final product of my little courtyard garden. Like it?
Well I certainly do...

Nice fat greens

This on is an experiment bench of succulent plant.. Hope it grows well..