My 3rd Labor Experience at Hospital Pakar Annur Bangi (Part 2)

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Somehow, I did not get to hold Rayyan nor see him after the nurses took him away. The doctor had a hard time taking out the placenta and getting all the bits of pieces out of my uterus. I was sprawled wide open for quite sometime and it was painstakingly a long process. All in all, Dr. Wan stitched me up for a good hour or so. It must me quite bad down there. When asked she just told me twas only a normal tear. Yeah.. OK.

Then in between the drowsiness and exhaustion the pediatrician came and saw me, told me that Rayyan oxygen was low and took longer than usual to recuperate. He also told me that he will monitor Rayyan closely and give us the update the next day. Where is Mr. Bob in all this? He was having a late dinner as he was unable to get one before we had to be pushed into the labor room. :(

It was 4am in the morning and it was because the epidural pushed inside of my spine was quite in high dosage that I was still unable to feel my right leg. The nurses kept insisting that I walked and pee in the toilet. Man, I couldn't even feel my legs and she already expected me to stand up. Anyway, I didn't do so up till the next day and I had asked Mr. Bob to help me maneuver into the bathroom and  help me to bath instead of the nurses. 

That morning I feel good enough to visit Rayyan up the nursery but he was still on oxygen so I was unable to be with him in my ward. Still I was happy enough to walk and breastfeed him when I could. We had to extend our stay up to five days until the pediatrician was confident enough that the baby is healthy to go back home. So basically, for the 5 days that I stayed here is my review:

  1. Room / Facilities: 3 star - Average but soon enough Annur will have a building of it's own (2018) and I am sure the facilities there will be new and excellent.
  2. Food : 4 star - All I can say that it was tasty and I always look forward the next meal
  3. Service: 4 star - For all the nurses (labor room and ward), they really care and look after me well. However, the one in the nursery I had to give them 3 star as they act as they couldn't care less if I was there or not.
  4. Dr. Wan Norizah: 4 star - She really tried her best to follow our birth plan and for that KUDDOS!! Highly recommended.
  5. Price: 3 star - Quite pricey.. Want the breakdown?

For 5 days of our stay, we had to pay a total of RM8+++. This is for a normal birth, epidural, episiotomy, antibiotic for both mummy and baby, baby care (oxygen). Alhamdullilah, this was all taken care by our company insurance. If you still have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer all of your questions. Insyallah.


Orked V. said…
8k + for normal birth; quite pricey jugak. whoaaa.. best nya fully covered by company insurans.

sya just delivered Aug haritu dekat azzahra (jiran) hehe
dorsett pink said…
price kat annur memang quite pricey. saya dulu stay 3 days 2 nights kena charge rm5000 ++.huhu