My 3rd Labor Experience at Hospital Pakar Annur Bangi

As'salammualaikum everyone!!

I'm baaaaaack!! It's been a long time (3 weeks exactly) since I wrote anything on the blog. I've been busy focusing on our newest addition of our family~ Yup today will be all about my little one Muhammad Rayyan bin Bob Mohazari. Insyallah.

I would like to share my 3rd labor experience with you mummies out there and of course the hospital of our choice Hospital Pakar Annur Bangi. :) If you would like to read my birth experience in Sunway Medical in 2012, click here.

Let's start from the beginning. My EDD was on the 7th of November and it was nearing and closing in. Based on our doctor, Dr. Wan Norizah, the baby is quite large weighing above 3.6kg which will be challenging for a normal birth. She recommended that we do not go over our EDD and come to be induced on the 6th. We were ok with the date, since Ruzain's concert is done and kakak has also finished with her finals. My parents came that weekend to look after the older ones and I am mentally ready to go ahead with labor. Finally, let's get this baby out!

I clearly remembered having roti canai that morning with kari kambing. Yums. Dragging my huge belly around. We got ourselves admitted and a nurse brought us to our ward. That was around 10am on the 6th. We got settled in, the room was no where large but it was comfortable enough for the both of us. There is single sofa but Mr. Bob brought over a pillow and comforter for him to lay on the floor later. I got induced at around 11am whereby the dr. squeeze some sort of liquid into my private part and I was asked to lay for about 1 hour before able to move around.

I started to have contractions by 3pm. It was mild and about 7 mins apart. Nothing to it (I thought). Hahaha. The dr. came yet again at about 5pm and told us that I was only 2cm dilated and I could only get epidural once I am 4cm dilated. She also told us that it would be a loooong labor and she will check on my again at about 6am the next day. I was really unhappy about that. The next thing I know that I was having contractions at about 3 mins apart at 7pm and told the nurses I wanted some painkillers. A midwife then came in and checked that I was 4cm dilated and informed us that we could go the the labor room and straight away get the epidural that I wanted so badly. 

Then, everything went down south. The contraction went from a pain level of 4 to a 8 in a split second. I couldn't even take a breather as it came like each 3 mins apart. We went down to the labor room and Dr. Wan came in an asked us to perform Maghrib prayers. Man.. that was the most intense solat that I have ever had to perform. Masya Allah. Mr. Bob went our the labor room to pray and I prayed in the labor room itself (there is a washroom and space to perform the solat).

I remembered that I had to wait for more than 30 mins before the anesthetic doctor (Dr. Ros) finally came and gave me my epidural. I was so much in pain that I was vomiting and leaking blood all over the floor. Once Dr. Ros was ready to start the procedure I was scared shit as my contraction came in about 1 min to 2 min apart, that I had to stopped her for injecting me each time my body wracked with pain. For fear she may wrongly inserted through my spine. The weird thing is, I was still in pain. The epidural was not working as it should. I can still feel my contraction and Dr. Ros informed the nurses that I may be much far along than 6cm. It was about 9.30pm and Dr. Wan came in and checked that I was 8cm dilated but the baby was much higher than it should be.

What was worse, the baby heartbeat suddenly drop to the low 40s and Dr. Wan started to panic. She advise us to go for emergency c-sec and I begged her not to and gave me a change to push the baby out at 8cm. She finally gave in (alhamdullilah) although warn us she will vacuum if the baby failed to be pushed out. With all my might on my final contraction, I pushed 7 TIMES and at 10.30pm baby Rayyan was out and screaming his lungs out! His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and body (which suggest the heart beat drop). You can just imagine how bad my episiotomy was to gave birth to a 3.6kg baby. Hukhuk. I was so relieved that he was ok but was swiftly carried out of the labor room as he was lacked of oxygen.

Guys will continue later ok.. The baby is up shall continue with Part 2 soon. For now just enjoy baby Rayyan first photo!

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