Awana Skyway and DC Superheroes Cafe

I am freeeeee baby!!

At long last (40 days to be exact), I am finally declaring myself free from my post maternity ordeal.. my confinement. Yup, I named it ordeal as it is a duration which I myself hated but unfortunately had to endured. Worst, to be confined in the house and eating only healthy food was a little too much for me. :P

That weekend, I've asked (more down the line of giving direction) Mr. Bob, to bring the children and my goodself to Genting Highlands. It is the closest vacation place that I could think of that wouldn't be too much of a buggin thing bringing a newborn. Ruzain first trip here when he was 4 months and now he is already 5 years old!

The plan was to go up to sky avenue taking the Awana Skyway and dine in the DC Superheroes Cafe. That's it! Short and simple. We made a brief stop at GPO for wallet hunting then straight up! Ruzain was actually scared of the height. Poor guy.. hehehe..

The ride was actually quite fun and doesn't cost you much (1 person per way is RM8). So, why not. Although there were many people, the line was always moving so you wouldn't feel that you are waiting for such a long time.

Having lunch at the cafe was good, the price was a bit steep because of the gimmick of course. For us, it is definitely a one time thing. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and we definitely enjoyed it as well.

Oooppss.. the baby is up! So enjoy the pics ok. Bye!!