Mumble Jumble...

Hi beautiful readers!!

I know that I have been so guilty of being such a lazy ass recently. Guilty.. guilty.. guilty.. but to my defence.. my life have been so quiet that nothing seemed to be blogging worthy. As usual, work have been piled up that most activities seemed to be like any other day. Daily chores, sending kids to school, cooking lunches and dinners. Yup2.. everyday normal stuff.

Mr Bob is currently away for his China training trip which left me bored to my very core. The trip will last for a couple of weeks, now I will be in charge of Kakak's midterm revision up till this coming school holiday. *holiday please come fast*

Ruzain just recently had his school trip to Putrajaya wetland. But I don't know, maybe boys will be boys.. he looks bored and aloof for this trip which makes his mommy looks to eager to send him off. Pffffft. Anyway, he did tell me some interesting stories about spiders sculptures in the wetland which makes me want to go and have a look as well.

I know that this entry is such a bore and I promised to share more about our home decorations maybe in the upcoming entries. Insyallah.

Ok take care for now my darlings!!

Smile adik... smile..

Kasik senyum sket jer kat mommy dia..

Teachers day present for his class teachers.. Teacher Nur and Teacher Ira.. Hope they like it..