Mangala Resort and Spa, Kuantan ~ Malaysian Mommy Blogger Review (Day 1 & Breakfast)

I was in desperate need to go on a holiday. Almost contemplating of flying for Maldives but Nenma felt strongly that I shouldn't be flying as I was in my first trimester. Yes peeps~~ alhamdullilah we are pregnant with our 3rd child. *grin*

As up to date, I am on my 13 weeks and since I wasn't allowed to travel so far away and riding on speedboats. We opt for a much closer vacation which was in Kuantan!! At first we were looking into a beachy resort but everything was booked solid and I stumbled across this interesting resort. So, Mangala Resort and Spa it is!!

The kids was super ecstatic (including the mommy), how I yearn for a much needed break and finally!! It was quite a long 3 hours journey and we were arrived, we were greeted with cold juice. Refreshing as it was, I couldn't stomach anything strong at night. We waited to be checked into our forest villa (which was surrounded by palm trees). Our concierge drove us to our villa (using a buggy) and took the time to explain on how everything works. The only bad thing was, it was almost 11pm and the shower was outside under the stars. So, I couldn't (scared shit) to take my shower beneath the oil palm trees, with you know what may be watching. ~ queue horror effects here.

All of us had a very restful night sleeping on such cozy beds (except for kakak which was on the sofa) but she seemed happy to me. :) Anyway, we decided to walk instead of riding the buggy to our breakfast venue, which was great as we get to enjoy the fresh air. Man oh man.. the view around the resort was so breathtakingly beautiful. It was a short walk for about 15 mins (with plenty of photo opportunities). We end up quite hungry with a delicious serving of our mix of asian and western breakfast.

The options was quite good (personally), but of course there will be people like.. it's not enough. Fresh pressed juices, nasi lemak, sausages, bread, pastries, wantan, laksa, cereal and seriously many more. I couldn't be happier.

Anyway, stay tune for my continuation on the activities that you could enjoy here!

Jump everyone!!!
The surrounding of our forest villa

Mama and papa morning cuddles
Say cheese adek!!

Nice huh?


private place kan ni? kami datang nak intai2 pun tak boleh.. hehehe