Perfect Living October 2016 - House Item Shopping!

Hi guys,

Let me share the updates of my house item shopping. We had the opportunity to visit Perfect Living 2016 and boy let me tell you, we had the best of time shopping. Haha! Both Mr. Bob and I took leave from work and spend our day survey on price the items that we want to buy.

We also looking into some security CCTV systems that could be set up for our home. Basically, our house comes with CCTV wiring, so we just need to shop for some cameras and recording service. We took a package offer from one of the company (EE Technology) if I am not mistaken, because their equipment and warranties are quite impressive. The total amount is around 2.5K for 4 cameras setup and they are able to also do a security checking for our home to verify whether it is working properly or not.

Glorious lightings! I see mine in this bunch :)

Sinks and taps (many were granite and super expensive)

Mr. Bob testing the speed of the cameras

Take your pick!!
We also decided to go for San Cora paint package. I can't stand all those glitters on the walls. Since I had such a bad experience with wallpaper, I would try my best to stay away by all means. But who knows, maybe practically looses over beauty.. hahaha! This paint package is well worth it. I plan to repaint the whole house after fitting in our plaster ceiling but we will see how it goes. Mr Bob wants to save some bucks so he may undertake this massive project himself.

Ring up the paint please!! I don't remember how many did we purchase though.

Selling their WOW concept!

Super gorgeous!! Glittery..
Then, we finally came across this beautiful vertical  plantation concept! I personally thought it goes well with the courtyard, somehow we really have to see our budget first (since it is not in the need list). This would be my wishlist insyallah. :D

Such beautiful greenery. I want I want I want *spoilt wife style*. If you guys would like to checkidout their IG, here it is.

Check the concept

Beautiful wall of plants
So, what did we get in the end? You will have to stay tune for that. In the meantime, we did receive some Tupperware for storage. Who  wouldn't love free gifts right? I certainly do.

Wrapping up my free gift. Woohoooo!