Danau Daun 3 Chalet Janda Baik (Day 2)

We woke up the next day in Janda Baik to refreshing air and birds chirping :D. Our cousin had invited us to have breakfast with them at his favorite warung not far from the chalet. He usually will have breakfast here during one of his frequent cycling trips. So, off we went in search of our Janda Baik best breakfast! There are many stalls selling breakfast. Although most stalls have limited seating that could accomodate 17 adults at a go!

Me and my buah hati @ Janda Baik

Farissa still in her Jammies

Nasi Kerabu for me

Roti gardenia for the kids

Farissa had nasi lemak and fried chicken
We went back with our tummies full and get ready for swimming. Danau Daun Chalet has no open swimming pool but one of the chalet (Danau Daun 3) have one small pool inside. The water was super cold but the children didn't care and had some good fun in the water. Mr. Bob had to go inside too and watch over the children splashing around. Then, after a long soaked, its time to relax and chill on the sofa.

In front of Danau Daun Chalet

The pool is quite small to accommodate 5 people at one go..

Ruzain also had his share of good fun

Snacking time!
Cozy space for family to watch TV while relaxing
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