Restaurant Sansabai Patong and Number One Spa

Sansabai restaurant is conveniently located right in front of Holiday Inn Busakorn entrance. Since, we are staying at the main hotel area, we had to walk over to the Busakorn wing. It's not that far though. The restaurant serves mainly Thai or Chinese food. They do also have some western. Since, we are in Thailand, I opt for some Thai food of course!

You could also ordered seafood by weight although I think most of them are costlier than those offered in Malaysia. Anyway, I ordered some sweet and sour chicken, tom yam seafood and asparagus with oyster sauce. The children chomp down all of the dishes like champions.

Walking towards Busakorn Wing

Refreshing Coca cola for mummy and daddy

Heart shaped rice (because it was valentines day) :)

Sweet and sour chicken.. Taste better than the look

More seafood and veges!
After lunch, I saw this one spa right across Sansabai and decided to have a foot massage. Price wise its about MYR 40 for 1 hour and it was so relaxing and comfortable. I shoo-ed the kids and Mr. Bob back to the hotel. :D The spa itself was air conditioned clean and big. The hostess speaks good English and was very professional, highly recommended if you're staying in Holiday Inn!

Wash your feet before your massage

Children walking back to the hotel

A small tiger shrine

The hotel itself offers some nice Spa but of course price is much higher
Then, later that noon the children and I were off some pool fun time. There were not so many people in the pool because most of the adults will lounge around the deeper pool. So, the kids had plenty of water space to shoot some hoops and splashed around.

Enjoying some cool splashing time!

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Zie Azi said…
very nice place to visit,sansabai restaurant should try if i go there
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