Patong Beach and Tiger Kingdom

How are you guys? I've been missing to write more entries but seriously time is so limited nowadays. Well today I'm sharing our third day in Patong Phuket. Since, our driver had informed us that he will not be able to pick us up around 9am that morning, Mr. Bob and I decided to bring our kids for a short walk at Patong beach. It's quite early so there were not so many people around. The sand is so fine that the kids couldn't resist playing with it.

Morning at Patong beach

I want to kick of my shoes and roll on the sand mommy!

Many boats around

Building one right now.. hihi
So, around 10am we walked back to the hotel and wait for our driver Mr. Chai. He pick us up in a comfortable SUV. We decided to use Mr. Chai transport services because he offered free ride if we purchased the Tiger Kingdom tickets from him. Nice right? Oh yes, each ticket costs us THB1000 (per pax).

We had chosen smallest tiger package so that even Ruzain could come in an enclosure and hold a baby tiger. However, unfortunately there were no smallest tiger and kids which are less than 1 mtr are not allowed in the tigers enclosure. They refunded our money and only Farissa and myself are allowed in.

Mr Chai

It's valentines day that day

You purchase the tickets here

Do's and Don'ts

Welcome to Tiger Zone

This is the smaller ones around and there were 4 of them!


Farissa with a baby tiger

Look at the camera everyone!

More posses

Right this way people!

Medium size tigers

They also have a prayer room for muslims!!
After our tour around the place, the kids wanted to have some drinks and snacks and we decided to have them at the restaurant. We ordered some milk shakes and cool coffee!

You can watch the tigers from up here

Milk Shake yummy..

Iced latte for Mr. Bob
Overall, we enjoyed our morning activity and Farissa gain a new lifetime experience (touching a magnificent tiger). :) Once Ruzain is much bigger we will definitely try and visit this place again. Insyallah.

Nice Tiger Kingdom signage

Ok peeps.. don't forget to catch up with some souvenirs!


babYpose said…
Nice pose at more poses pic, roarrr :), beautiful beach. Kid experienved petting not a pet ok :)
dorsett pink said…
best nya dapat pegang2 harimau tu.. nanti nak dtg sini la