Patong Beach before We Go!

How I wish we could visit the beach every single weekend! The time that we spent in Patong seem such a short one. :( Each afternoon (right after nap time), we will spend some play time on the beach. The kids have such a blast digging and playing with the sand. Bear in mind there is no shades around, and the sun is super hot. You may however, choose to rent an umbrella and mat like we did.

This beach is beautiful and clean right opposite of Holiday Inn which makes it such a strategic place to stay. I also brought some biscuits and drinks for the kids to enjoy while playing.

Under the shades!

Our view.. beautiful white sand

Mr. Bob my hero!! He got me some delicious nutella roti..
Anyway, walking back from the beach we had to make a compulsory pit stop by the kids pool as pool dipping is in order. At Holiday Inn, you will find 2 kid pools, which both are only about knee length. Both have kids slides. :)

Water shower

Baby slide

After our afternoon dip, we had an early dinner once again at Sansabai Restaurant. This time round, I wanted to try the lime sauce squid which was truly mouth watering. Alhamdullilah. If you ever visit this place, that dish is a definitely a must try.

Mommy placing order

Kakak and her tiger kingdom souvenir


This is a must try everyone!!

Asparagus in oyster sauce with prawns..

At burger king before our morning flight back to KL!

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