Uneventful Bouquet~

Last weekend was a quiet one for our family. Mr. Bob is travelling and I personally don't feel like going anywhere without him. So, after swimming classes, we went to do some grocery at Jusco since Farissa's had requested butter prawn and I felt like eating some asparagus. Hehe. Our trolley seemed empty as we didn't plan to shop much.

We went back, I cooked lunch and the kids spent their day jumping up and down the sofa. See, I told you guys nothing interesting was happening last weekend. Haha! Oh yes, I did some sweeping, vacuuming and organizing. Plus, also we did some packing of luggage. Can't wait for our upcoming trip. Please Thursday come much faster. :)

I've arranged this new bouquet for lil bro's room and a lil something2 for myself.. :)