Brownies Convention Malaysia - A Malaysian Mommy Review My Little Pony

Phew what a title right? :) Have you guys ever heard of the My Little Pony Convention? Well, this year is the first year where the communities (Brownies) decided to throw a small but fun event at Jaya One, PJ. Farissa has been pestering me to bring her to this Convention as it is the latest favorite cartoon characters. She will watch over and over again during weekend's break.

So, that morning, since Mr. Bob is away, I overhauled the kids into the car and make a break to Jaya One. This was our first time there. When we arrived the shopping mall looks empty and scary *imagine a lady with two small kids walking by themselves in an empty mall*. Definitely a target to crazy people.

 But we've made it safely to the gathering at the concourse and Farissa registered herself at the Friendship Express counter

Got her nametag here

Awww first convention.. they grow up so fast... *mommy sobs*

Purchase a Flutter Shy bangle here..

Yeay! Here it is... *I love it mommy*

Overjoyed!! So many ponies.

Everyone got themselves a pony *including the ultraman mania* ;)

It is quite fun and we will sure be back for next year event.