Throwing Our First Slumber Party!!

Farissa is turning 8 real soon *alhamdullilah* How time flies right past us. For this year, since we are going for 2 overseas trip, we told the kids that there will be no birthday bashes for this year. *awwwww* but when Farissa asked us to organize a small slumber party for her girl friends, we couldn't refuse :)

First thing first, we need extra mattresses for our little guests. Mr. Bob and I decided to visit the newly opened Index Living Mall to purchase 3 little mattresses for 3 little girls. The price is surprisingly affordable (RM45) so we'd bought  a couple of those. However, after strolling around the place, we ended up with a bill totaling up to RM400!! Talk about bursting budget. Haha!

Ok let's continue, so we are expecting a group of chatty girls this Saturday and hopes that will have a blast from all the activities that I had arranged for them. Can't wait *I think the mom is way more excited than the birthday girl* *wink*

I like this photo of a brother and sister, just like my lil ones

Lo and behold! My shopping cart!

Ok, its now time to divide and conquer, some toys must go for charity

"I want everything mommy" haaaaish...