The Best Things are Free!

Nothing is free! Seriously, nothing. Even when it boils down to clean water, will cost something. Haishh. Yet, the best thing are free. :)

I went looking for an Ultraman mask yesterday with the kids. Why the mask? Ruzain suddenly have a intense fascination with the Japanese superhero. So, I thought it would be nice to get him that mask. We dropped by a hypermarket which is near to our house and went scouting to no avail. We kinda look everywhere, mini stalls, toy shops, stationary shops, supermarket, none!

Until in the end we admit defeat as Maghrib is drawing near. We stopped by the food court to tapau some chicken rice, and the kids had some amazing time playing at the food court playground. You know what they had the best time of their day there. *Alhamdullilah**Mommy is also happy*

Amazing breakfast last Saturday.
Nothing to do with this story. :p


Bashtiah said…
Hi! Just wondering so what happened in the end to the mask? Stumbled across your blog and I must admit I enjoyed reading about your kids :)