Mr Cool Cat!

What's up beautiful people? I hope you guys are doing superfine~ I know I am. :) *Alhamdullilah*

I've been pressuring Mr. Bob into bring myself and the kids some family shopping time. Well to tell you frankly, in the end we didn't actually shop much. *truth!* *big smiles* We had some quality time at OU, just to spend the day together. Our initial plan was to have lunch at Paddington Pancake but to my dismay, we couldn't find the restaurant. So, we end up at Mdm Kwan.

My little cool cat just loving the freedom to eat by himself. I ordered plain rice to go with some of our favorite dishes. We wrapped everything up with some fried bananas and ice cream which was supremely superb. 

ps: Couldn't wait for our short gateway this weekend... *moondancehere* :)

Super thick fries for the kids.

The otak-otak and the mix vege claypot is a must try!