Our New Condo!! Z Residence Bukit Jalil~

Hi everyone! Today I would like to share some photos of my Sis's Z Residence Luxury Condo. :) Mind ya it's not mine ok. I was appointed as her personal ID, insyallah will be designing for her and we will see the result. 

The security of this Condo is certainly tip top (which is extremely good), access are quite limited to guest which makes it more secluded and classy *I think*. Anyway, we visited the top 'sky lounge' and found ourselves pretending to putt some mini golf. Although, I do feel its kinda pathetic to have only a mini one, for such a luxury Condo.

Ok. This would be the main view.
This unit is on the 2nd floor and we could just sit around and have a very nice view towards the pool below.

All units is fitted with air conditioner.
Yup, it comes with the Condo.

I like the airy space with such open view.
So much sunlight!

As you can see here, I am giving decor ideas for the dry kitchen.
They also have a wet kitchen separated from the dry kitchen.
Talk about tight spaces.

Nenma and little Ruzain,

And just opposite the Condo, a gymnasium!
Its on the same level. Some tenants have already use the pool and gym.
Really wish I have a gym just outside my house. :) 

An infinity pool.
Yup, can wait to jump in here as well!
Kids pool are separated from the adults.
So, what do you guys think? Cool rite?