Why We Love Desserts... Yum..

Nothing to write much today. Just looking forward to our next weekend with Papa. He travels loads and it is nice if the children could spend a couple of days before he went of for this next assignments. During these weekends we chose to enjoy luxurious food/dessert just to make up for the busy weekends that both mama and papa had endured.

I remembered once when I was younger. Tok ayah was busy working but Nenma always had the time to spend with the kids. Nenma really took the time and efforts to bring us 'jalan-jalan' and Holiday Plaza JB was our favorite hang out. Hikhik. Really misses those days. Now it is my turn as a mommy to bring my kids to places that they would most likely enjoy. What do they enjoy most?

Eating sweet things!! Haha!! Happy weekend ahead peeps! :)



ayahmamilisa said…
happy weekend izza :)