Flower Arrangements Labor of Love :)

Hello readers! Wow.. have you guys been busy for CNY? I know I have.. tskk tskk.. :) SSF was having member sale, and I am totally psyched! I've asked my nanny to keep an eye on the kids, while Mr. Bob and myself had a go to the sale..*Yippe!!*

I looooove flowers, I won't  lie.. Its like an addiction.. Anyway, you can't go wrong with more flowers and pillows.. They will definitely bring any boring room to life! This time round I've wanted a new bouquet for the dining and another bouquet for Farissa's room. I have big plans for refurnish my children rooms but that needed to wait a little while longer but a 2014 project nonetheless. The flower has to match the blue walls and be slightly neutral.

The pots I chose were green and blue..
Price are on the mid range.. Smaller one cost about RM14.. the larger about RM26...

Fresh from the shop!

Did I mentioned that the arrangements were done by yours truly.. 
For this kind of bouquet, you wouldn't need any moss balls or whateva..
Because of its fullness, you will only need flowers and a pot..
Simple right? 

Roses seems to be my choice for Farissa's room..
I thought that roses looked very romantic, young and fresh!
To top it off.. some pink Acalypha hispida



ayahmamilisa said…
canteknye bunga kat SSF..
kita tak pandai gubah bunga la..ajar mamilisa boley? hehe..