My Birthday Surprise!

Alhamdullilah... at long last I had reached the big 30 weeEEeee!!

To top it off, Mr. Bob and my sis had thrown a beautiful surprise last weekend.. :D It seems that everyone close and dear was there.. The venue was at Restaurant Famous Thai Shah Alam and the food was yummeh..
I was so sure that it was only us.. :p So, Mr. Bob.. you pulled it off!! hahahaha...

party hats all around!!

my aunt and lil ruzain in an attempt to make my mom jeles.. 

aww just look at that face with the unicorn hat.. hahaha...

the paparazzi and cheering mommy.. hahahaha...

our dinner..

thank you everyone for the wish and presentssss... yup.. received 2 lovely bags this birthdy..
tak sempat nk menggayakan lagik..
love 3x it.. :)