IKEA Again? Pleeeease Mama!

Farissa has a nack to persuade her parents to entertain her during the weekend. Last Saturday, the first thing she asked was, "Mama, kakak nk pi main2 kat Ikea nyer playground. You promised.." Alahai anak dara I sorang ni. So, Mr. Bob gave his approval and I pack some breakfast from home so she could be among the first in the playroom...

While Farissa busy playing, mama, papa and ruzain bzied themselves at the food court. Being an Ikea Family member allows us to have coffee and tea for free! yippie... We had a slow breakfast and once done we pick her up..

Farissa was overly exited to meet new friends and play!!

La dida... once finish.. we went straight to the Curve..
Not planning to buy anything but end up buying a lot of unneeded stuffs :P ..
Mothercare was having their big sale and when I saw that 60% discount + additional for members..
I could hardly resist!

Bought both kids socks (5 pairs each),
qudroy pants for each kid (pink for Farissa and brown for Ruzain),
2 long sleeves shirts for each kid..
Just had to stop myself for grabbing other things as well..

Then, since most of the restaurants here were full,
we decided to go somewhere quieter,
not so many people..
Vivo it is!!

Cheese everyone!!!
They wore green that day... *love sigh*

Farissa insisted that we capture her momment with the 'clothes..'
ape2 jeks la kak..
you look adorable by the way...:)


Iela Fazielah said…
Owh..nyesal xgi mall sabtu ahad lepas... Dpt msg dr mothercare..tp bo lyn konon...hihi...tp seronok tgk org soping!