Kidzania - Our Crazy Day!! (Part 1)

I don't really care if you think that this is an all crazy post with lots2 of pics.. my blog my way la kan... muahahaha... To really capture the feel of the day.. I really don't have a choice.. most of the pics.. needed to be uploaded... Because of a total of 73 photos are available.. I am breaking this post in 2.. so.. kinda bear with me ya..

We chose to enjoy a whole day at Kidzania which means from 10am - 5pm during a weekday.. so that they arent so many people around.. and because the kids are still in preschool.. they can still 'ponteng' skolah looor... I didn't tell Farissa till the day of the trip because I really dont want her to be worked up about it.. she is an energy maniac.. hihihi.. This time round, there are not so many mommies available, either due to work.. or due to their kids are already in primary 1.. next time we really have to organize a day out during the weekend ya...

The party involves (from left: Farissa, Nana and Kimi)

We've made the booking online, to save time.. but LO AND BEHOLD there was no line... not even another group of people when we arrive...  "Yess!!" If you buy the tickets online, be ready to pay an extra about RM2.00 if I am not mistaken.. Here the kids are being tagged before entering... Mommies too.. It is sort of a tracking device where they can track the name of the child, the work and pay that they receive..

Farissa being tagged...

Then, the kids are required to go to CIMB to open up an account and receive cash in Kidzos dollars.. I find it quite neat.. Since, Farissa had her Strawberry bag with her.. so its kinda easy money storage.. :)

Kimi looks exited here... hehehe..
Never been in a bank before??

Here Farissa poses with her batch of money...
She is really a workaholic I tell you..
She loves money..
Just like her mama... hahaha

First job of the day was police... They were ushered away by a crew member and instantly the door of the police station was shut and mommies had to wait outside..


Farissa posses with the uniform..
The glass were making kinda hard for mommies to capture good photos..

One of the main building setup is the theatre... but Farissa didnt want to go in there..
Other jobs it is!

While the kids were hot solving a crime case.. the mommies decided to wait nearby the police station..
boooy twas a looong wait..

Ok.. before the case ended..
the kids met with an inspector.. (I think)..
He asked bunches of questions..
Just look at Farissa's face LOL...
trying to guess what would be the answer..  hmmmm...

CIMB Vault Transporter

Next job the kids tried to be vault transporter..
they were required to send money to certain shops @ kidzania..
Farissa was leading this job.. *she really likes to lead anyway.. hehehe..*

"Please sign here...."
Cute huh?? In total, there are about 4 stops before the job ended..

TM Engineeer

Whooooaa... For this job, I had insisted Farissa to try out..
Since, Mr. Bob is working for TM.. hehehe..
Well I thought she should know, what her papa's job entailed..

I am just amazed with the setup...

Farissa is wearing TM's uniform... 
Don't forget the helmet!!

Ok.. the kids then, are swished to the site where there was a broken link..
Get ready with your tool boxes!!
The children are briefed quite thoroughly on the steps by steps to solve a broken link case..

JOB 4 and JOB 5
Pilot and Stewardess

Since there were no line here @ 'Air Asia'... 
The kids are able to try 2 jobs back to back..
No wonder we had to wait longer than expected.. hihihi
Farissa trying on a pilot's uniform.. but not forgetting her handbag...

Ayooo kakak.. Why your handbag underneath the uniform?
The kids were superly exited with this exercise..

KPJ Nurses

Well, I first thought it will be fun for the kids to try out to be a surgeon. Unfortunately, they were shorter than the surgery table!! Haha.. So, the crew explained that the kids could try out to be do an endoscopy or to try out nurse.. *Jaws dropped.. What is endoscopy mummy?* We tried hard to explain but failed :p..

Nurses it is!!
They had bath and take care of new born babies!!
Really hard at work guys!!! Good work!!
Especially Kimi... :D

TV Prompter

To tell you the honest truth.. Farissa hated this job.. sitting on a chair, only controlling and touching a keyboard.. booooring.. She really can't sit still.. :) 

The production set and crew however, was awesome..
Superbly realistic..

Phamaniaga Citrex Pharmacist

This was the longest job of the day.. The kids had to wear a full costume with masks, rubber gloves, hairnet and coat.. Then, they had to watch a briefing video of vitamins making, they will add and mix liquids and lastly use the machine available to turn dried ingredients into vitamins!! Each of this had the chance to do this..

Full concentration everybody...

Farissa was the first to try this..
As usual, her boisterous self, pushing everyone aside..huhu..
Ikut sape ni kakak? hihi..