Smart Reader Kids Concert & Graduation

This year Smart Reader Kids Kota Perdana had their concert and graduation at Bukit Jalil Golf Club. The venue is very prestige in comparison what they've done last year. The hall is full carpeted and the decor was absolutely wonderful. Farissa was super excited to show us her dance moves... :)

Each parent was asked to contribute RM35 for refreshment and I thought that was ok. We were served multiple cakes, sandwiches, fried noodles and fried chicken. Ok lah kan?

The stage.. its all red.. 

My baby boo... hihi.. excited nak tgk kakak dia joget..

Aikk... papa pun super excited ke??

Our girl was wearing turqoise blue.. can u see her?

They are dancing to Lodeh Mak Lodeh?? Something like that..

The ending!! Hihihi...

Awwwww so sweeeet.....