Baby Gap Sale 2012!

Last weekend, my parents was here in KL. We had a wedding to attend together somewhere in PJ that night. So, to kill sometime my dad were asking us where should we go for lunch? He told us that he never went to OU new wing and we did just that... visited the new wing of OU.

It was ages since we last went! During my pregnancy with Ruzain not once we were there. So, my shopping gear shift was turn on and I was let loose like a mad woman. hahaha. My favorite floor is the 2nd floor because of the row of baby shops there. Suddenly (jeng 3x), I saw there were many2 shoppers inside Baby Gap (usually there is almost none) and the word SALE pop out. Most items were 50% off and I heard a lady told her husband that 5 items will entitled shoppers for another 20%. It was mad 70% off!! I've waited no longer did concentrated shopping :D & got myself 10 items for a total RM 350. Cheap right (for baby Gap loooor). Lepas ni kene pose la gamaknyer.

I did serious outfit shopping for our secret vacation next year. *wink*

Since it was almost Christmas, the decoration were all lighted up..
There were snow man and candies everywhere!

Farissa with one of the decoration...
Minah ni mmg takbleh tgk camera.. mesti nk pose..

While waiting for my parents (stuck at the parking as there were too many cars)
Farissa did some colored sand activity...

"Hello kitty punyer kete mesti color purple kan mama?"

For lunch, my family went to a restaurant "Just Thai" at the lower ground of the new wing..
The price range here was slightly above average..
senang cite mahal sket
but the food was ok... we love it..

Farissa with a coffee stirrer...

The menu with a starting story....

In the end... this is what I get..
Some shirts for Farissa and some for Ruzain..
A pair of skinny jeans for Farissa and 2 pairs for my boy..
Matching sweats... :)