Trifle Anyone?

The ingredients for this trifle project was bought waaaaaay back during puasa time.. hehehe... it's just that my due date is getting really2 close and I am preparing to empty all the pantry stock before I have no mood to do it (with a small child to take care off). So, the first idea came about when I browse through Kak Filla's blog here. Her's looks yummier of course. However, mine is just the first attempt.

So... here goes!!!!

I am quite pro at creating the custard.
As I truly love custard pudding but the layering is just plain bad! hehehe...

Mr. Bob says that the overall taste is ok.. Then again, he is my true fan.
So, everything I do is great. hehehe...
Oh yes. If you have extra budget just top it off with whipped cream.

Mr. Bob's bowl of trifle top off with whipped cream..

The side view..
Not that difficult..
Will definitely try again, one day in the future..
When I sudah rajin2 dan anak sudah besar sket... :D


Iela Fazielah said…
mmg senag buat triffle..n sedap!!!
Nadra Farissa said…
mmg senang ilah... tp berpeluh2 kat dapur... badan skrang ni asyik rasa panaaaas jeks.. hihi