Farissa's Beryl Chocolate Factory Visit and Mc Donalds

Hurray!! The day has finally come.. Farissa was sooo excited for this Chocolate Factory visit that she has picked out her outfit (as if it is so different from any other day :p) and reminded me (hundreds of time) of the hair style she wanted on that day.. :) Well, we didn't have the time to wait after sending her and all the pictures taken here is actually downloaded from her school

Where is Farissa?
Well she is the second last girl with the ever grinning face (carrying her plastic bag).
Just look @ her!!

I think this picture is taken @ the factory..
Everyone is waiting for something but I wasn't sure what..
Farissa is squatting with something in her hands..

After the visit.. they have lunch @ Mc Donalds..
Just look @ the way she sits... :)
Soooo 'princessy' riiiiight??

I think the kids just looove it... :)
It is absolutely great for kids to participate this kind of activity..
Don't you think so?


Iela Fazielah said…
mmg la... seronok sgt tgk bebudak tu..
Engku Artini said…
wahh.. seronoknya jalan2 dengan kawan2 sekolah!! enjoy!